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4th time with Stoney River Lodge, hunter Peter Weeks with beautiful 8'8" grizzly bear taken in late April 2016

Chris took record book bull and good caribou on 14day hunt and is returning 2017 for a sheep hunt.

Jim Kesteloot took this 9ft. record book grizzly and a good bull on September 2016 combo hunt

Ryan Etter took this great ram on his 2nd with Stoney River Lodge hunt August 2016

Gino Presta took this great bull on his 3rd hunt with Stoney River Lodge September 2016

Curly Culp with his tentative new SCI#4 record and #50 Boone & Crocket Alaska moose hunt

Kevin Kenny with tentative new #8 SCI record caribou and confirmed #41 Boone & Crockett record. 

Jon Roth -  2015 37”

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What is the best single thing you can possibly do before you decide to book your hunt with an outfitter?

We encourage you to call hunters that have been on the same hunt that you are considering.

Ask your prospective outfitter for names and phone numbers of their clients that hunted same species, same area & same calendar date last year!!



Big game hunting in Alaska's ~ moose, caribou, grizzlies, and black bear with Stoney River Lodge.
World class fishing at it's best, salmon, lake trout, pike and grayling.
Alaskan hospitality, lodging and GREAT Alaskan food.