Guided Caribou Hunts
Alaska caribou hunts
Massive antlers, flashing white mane, hunted in the remote tundra of western Alaska.

  • Local herds are monitored thru August and September to give you the best possible chance at a quality trophy bull.
  • The Alaska black bear and wolf can be taken on this hunt and usually some high quality silver salmon fishing can be done.
  • Difference with our caribou hunts: Our lodge (base of operation for your hunt) is located within GMU#19--the heart of caribou range in August and early September!!
  • When researching outfitters and/or flying services for your caribou hunt, ask for a list of their clients that hunted the same hunt last year.
  • You can expect us to provide an honest effort, quality camp and gear, a qualified and knowledgeable guide as well as every effort to locate you in the right place at the right time for a chance at a good bull.

Caribou Hunts

Jonathan Spadt took a huge record book bull  2017

Steve Toll with great bull taken on 2017 Caribou hunt

Whitman Briard took 70" moose and this caribou Sept. 2017

Victor Roth took this bull on his 4th hunt with SRL Sept. 2017

Jim Kesteloot took a nice moose as well as this bull on his 2nd SRL hunt September  2017

Chris Kuczynski harvested this bull August  2017

2017  Chad Thompson took good bull on an August 2017 hunt with his dad.

Hunting with son Chad (above) Bruce Thompson took this caribou 2017

Bruce S. Gliszinski on his 2017 caribou hunt

Rick & Connie Dunn found a good wolf on their 2017 caribou hunt

Gino Presta took this great bull on his 3rd Stoney River Lodge hunt September 2016

Anthony Presta with a beautiful bull caribou September 2016

Mike Hataway took this caribou 2016, returned 2017  and has a  2018 hunt booked with us.

 Caribou hunts

Phil & Ryan Etter, B&C record book bull  2015

September 2015 - Kevin Kenny's 430 B&C point record book bull caribou

Steve Gilje took this "Super Boo" on family hunt 2015

2nd generation SRL hunter Matt Malpass and his 2015 trophy bull caribou



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