Meet Our Stoney River Staff

Joe Mott

Guiding for Stoney River Lodge both spring & fall hunters continuously since 1986, as well as fishermen for the past several seasons.

Joe has been in on well over 100 successful grizzly hunts and probably even more successful moose hunts. He has accounted for over 40 successful sheep clients. He has been quoted in several hunting books and publications and guided several hunters for national TV hunting shows.

Joe is always on staff if Stoney River Lodge has clients. 

Mike Knapp

Guided our clients continuously since 1994.

Mike does it all. Trapper and animal control specialist.

Mike lives to be outdoors and lives to hunt. We regularly get comments from his hunters about what a hard hunter he is.

Mike always finds game, he is “Iron Man” of the tundra.

Mitch Hale

Every season since 2003 Mitch brings a lot to Stoney River Lodge. Several top quality well equipped beautifully maintained airplanes, a ton (14,000+ hours) of off airport bush flying experience, a keen eye for places to safely land where nobody else ever has and a totally “can do” attitude. An accomplished licensed aircraft mechanic and inspector as well as licensed assistant guide.

Bryce Johnson

He is always hunting, guiding, trapping or fishing with SRL clients or family.

Bryce started guiding our hunters in 2008 with a ton of hunting experience and has never looked back.

He seldom has a hunter with unfilled tags at end of hunt. Repeat hunters that he has guided typically request him as guide.

Hunting in Alasla

David Hensel

Dave came on board 2010 after serving our country as USMC sniper. He brings great woodsman/guiding skills. Hunters always have good time and get Dave's "A" game while taking a lot of nice trophies".

Ron Douglas

Ron has guided for 20 years from Alaska to Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Wyoming. He is hunting or guiding some where for 6 months out of the year. Nearly all his clients fill their tags and want to hunt with Ron again.

 Brian Hudson 

Preparing great meals for lodge clients for his 4th season Brian brings a ton of quality food prep experience. He has applied his considerable skills in "upper end" establishments, private yachts and private venues for many years.

Bruce Shaneour 

Lodge manager, bull cook, prep cook, grill master Bruce basically has kept things going smoothly in SRL for past three fall seasons. He brings a great outlook as he has spent a lot of time on guided hunts and fishing adventures around the country.



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