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Thanks Curly & Betty for a great time, and our guide Bryce Johnson and the crew from Stoney River Lodge.
Rick & Connie Dunn


We had a great time with great people. Thanks for Everything. Until next time SRL.
Kevin White


Thanks for an amazing fly out hunting and fishing trip Curly and Betty! The hospitality and service are first Class! I’ll see you soon for #7 trip!
Marc Somers

Thank you to all the “Crew” for your kindness & help-Blessings to you all!
Lesli & Carl

Thanks so much for a life experience I will never forget!! I will follow up more after returning home! Thank you!!!  You and Curley and your team are first rate!!  I will definitely be back.
~ Jonathan H. Spadt


Keith Mcnease 66+" spread. Scored 495+ for SCI. Thanks again Curly and Betty for a great hunt.

You guys were the best thank you for a hunt I will never forget. Whitman Briard Awesome hunt will never forget. And  I will be going back!

September 2016

Curly, Betty, Dave, Joe, and all the Stoney River Lodge crew, Thank you for a great hunt and lifetime of memories. I tagged a 60' moose, a beautiful black bear and a spectacular caribou. All after great stalks. Caribou and bear were shot within 50 yards. Guides Joe and Dave worked so hard and were great company! Food at the lodge was top notch. Thanks all for a great hunt! Jim Sadler

September 2016

“Definitely the hunt of a lifetime. Couldn’t have been happier with my caribou and 71” moose. Had opportunities at every animal I was there for and the Lodge staff and food was second to none. Will be back in the fall for a sheep. Thank You Very Much”

Respectfully, Chris Hartwig

August 2016

Hello Curly and Betty, Just dropping a note to let you know how much I appreciated my Alaskan adventure. My 2016 sheep hunt was my first trip to Alaska, and I could not have picked a better outfit. The sheep hunt was arduous as promised (!), but Bryce did a great job of guiding the hunt to a successful conclusion. After that, the luxury of base camp was wonderful, and the fishing we did was a terrific bonus. I look forward to a return trip! Tom Huffcutt Altoona, WI

August 2016

Hi Curly, I really enjoyed my hunt this fall with Bryce, he was a terrific guide with plenty of stories to share. Although we didn't harvest a caribou, we saw some the first few days but was holding out for something bigger. We finished off the week by stalking and killing a beautiful grizzly bear that squared over 8 feet! We also saw some moose and black bear throughout the week. That was my first trip to Alaska but hopefully not my last. The whole experience was top notch. Thanks again, Tom Anibas


August 2016

Stoney River Lodge is an extremely well run business with excellent people. My dall sheep hunt was first class and made memories that will last forever. I am very happy with my trophy sheep and wouldn’t hesitate to return for another hunt some day. From 2nd time SRL hunter Ryan Etter


2April 016

"Wow!! Another great and successful hunt with Stoney River Lodge this spring. A beautiful grizzly, hunting with guide Joe Mott. As I have hunted three times with them, I have never been disappointed. All the guides I have hunted with have worked hard and have seen to all things needed. I couldn't be more happy with the way Curly and Betty and the rest of the crew take care of me when in the wilderness of Alaska. I am already looking forward to the next time!" Pete Weeks Windsor, Colorado


August 2016

Hi Betty & Curly, I just wanted to say thank you for a great caribou hunt. On the Super Cub flight back to the lodge I even got to see a pack of wolves which consisted entirely of wolves in the black color phase. The hospitality and food at the lodge was fantastic. Good luck with your trapping this winter. Klaus Leidenfrost


August 2016

Most incredible week with everyone at Stoney River Lodge. 1st class operation from the time we left Anchorage until we got back to Anchorage and then HOME. Curley & Betty are what America is all about. And yes, we caught a ton of fish daily and actually got to keep whatever we wanted to eat. Our pilot, Steve Jones is the best and a darn good guide too! Thanks to all the staff for making our Alaska trip a Dream Trip. We will be back! Henry & Susan Davis

September 2016

"The staff and facilities were top notch. From the time we touched down at the lodge to the time we hopped the Beaver back to Anchorage three weeks later I knew the painstaking research we had done was worth every second. The meals, lodging and hunting experience were something I'll never forget. While at the lodge I experienced some of the best meals I've ever had. The food was great too! I can't say enough about the support staff from the mechanic to the bush pilot and everyone in between. Whether around the lodge or afield the staffs' friendship and knowledge humbled me. .."

Sept. 16 excerpt from comments by Brian “Tug” Tuggle




Hello, I would like to thank Curly and Betty from Stoney River Lodge for one of the best moose hunts I have ever been on. It’s always great to go on a hunt that you see a lot of game and come home with a giant Alaskan moose. It is also great to see harvested animals from other successful hunters showcased at the main lodge. The Lodge is like out of a story book in the Alaskan mountains; with some of the best food, accommodations and people I have hunted with. They literally “take care of everything for you”. Thanks so much for a great hunt! I will see you next year to hunt down one of the monster grizzly bears I saw this year. Can’t wait! Thanks so much to you and your staff; it’s a first class operation you run. Allan Garcia

September 2015

Hi Curly,

Harvesting a Black Bear and a record book Bull Moose  is much more exciting than anyone could ever imagine. Joe and Bryce were exceptional!!  I feel that you and your staff did the best job possible for me and I appreciate that very much. The food and drinks at the lodge were awesome. The evening Jam sessions were a blast!  Unfortunately the weather prevented me from hunting more than half of my 14 day hunt.  


I think of you guys often hoping all is good with you.  


Happy Holidays to you both.


Curly II


May 2015

Curly & Betty,

  Now that I have had time to reflect on my hunting adventure with you my summary is WOW! WHAT A GREAT HUNT!  For a seventy seven year old OKIE on a Bucket List hunt, the harvest of a Great Grizzly bear was a real thrill. The hunt was everything I had hoped for. My thanks to you and Betty, the guides Joe and Dave, and the other folks who made my hunt truly memorable ,.and Stoney River Lodge a truly special place.   Have a great winter.  Pat   

November 2015

I had an excellent hunt.  A 66+” moose that may very well make B&C.  A 9’2” Grizzly that has a 26.5 inch skull that should make B&C.   The food was great, the planes, the guides, the lodge, the pilots and the experience are second to none.   I HIGHLY recommend your outfit and all of your staff and family were downright great and a delight to spend time with!   I can’t imagine a finer time in Alaska.  (unless I had brought one of my hot lady friends along for the hunt)  Thanks Curly, for the experience of a lifetime.  –Trent Kelley


August 2015

Curly, Betty and the entire staff at Stoney River Lodge, Curly, Betty and the entire staff at Stoney River Lodge,

 Thanks so much for making our family vacation to Alaska such a wonderful success!  Our experience was as close to perfect as we could have imagined.  The atmosphere at Stoney River Lodge is extremely welcoming and relaxed.  We felt right at home, ate like kings and were impressed by the professionalism and dedication of your crew. 

 There is nothing better than landing on tundra in a bush plane!  Mitch and Curly make it look so easy, but everyone knows that is a skill honed through years of experience.  Harvesting three nice caribou bulls was more than we had hoped for.  We were immensely satisfied with the drop camp and the preparation help Joe Mott provided prior to our departure.

 Fishing for silver salmon for a day was another successful side trip that we will never forget. 

 We also thoroughly enjoyed our time at the main lodge.  Meeting the other hunters, the guides, packers, and all of the staff and just enjoying the company of others who share similar passions and goals was truly wonderful.

 Thanks Curly and Betty, you run a top-notch operation.  We wish you the best of success in this and every season to come!

 Sincerely ,Steve, Jo, Jimmy and Sonja  Gilje

September 2015

Curly, Betty, Pat, Leah, Joe, Dave and Mitch,

I just wanted to send my most heartfelt thanks for such a wonderful trip to Stony River Lodge. I truly enjoyed the entire experience.  Every aspect of the stay met and exceeded my expectations. From the food and accommodations at the lodge to the experience of harvesting several amazing trophies I could not be happier. The girls where wonderful cooks and maybe even better piano players!!!!! Just flying out to the spike camps was a blast as well.

I really enjoyed seeing the beautiful and expansive country around camp.

Saw tons of bears fishing, moose, caribou and bears. I have tons of fantastic pictures I can't wait to share with family. Dave and Joe were terrific guides to hunt with. Both have their own styles but are great guides and even better people. I only hope that I was as enjoyable to be around. As for Mitch, I don't think I've met a better pilot in my life. He makes being a bush pilot with bad weather and heavy client loads look easy!!!  As I sit on my plane and look back at the experience, it kind of feels fitting to not get the moose. Need to have something to come back for.  I'm sure I'll have my hands full in the near future because as I've told everyone #2 will be here in January but maybe in a couple years I'll get back out that way...

 Have a great rest of the season and thank you again. If you're ever in Northern Michigan, feel free to stop by for a cocktail. I don't have some big fountain boat to take you out on but I'm sure I can find something to mix you up a drink with... (Joe will get that joke)

 My sincerest regards,

 Matthew Malpass


September 2015

Awesome, Thanks for the trip of a life time. See you in a few years !!

Kevin Kenny  September 2015


August 2015


First of all, my apologies on 2 fronts- my slow response and also not a

good: good-bye. I saw Betty run back to the lodge and I missed a hand shake to Curly!

I had a wonderful time!

 My highlight was hearing about Matthew's bear hunt with Joe Mott!  What an unforgettable experience for him!  Thanks to all at SRL- especially the two of you!  What wonderful hosts!

 We had fun kidding about the weather and razzing the pilots- Mitch and Curly! 

 Curly- you are a great pilot- and you need to be seeing your wife does all the work!(ha!).

 Betty- thanks for your time on the pictures and being so kind!

Leah and Pat were super!  I cannot say enough about the quality of food- moose enchiladas, salmon sandwiches, cookies, sausage and biscuits-  and

hell- I wasn't even in camp much!! Leah is a great cook and super nice young lady!

Mitch is a "hoot"- enough said! You can't get ahead of that guy!

Your accommodations were absolutely wonderful- the shelter tents included- class "A" equipment!

What can I say about my guide- helluva super nice guy!  Thank God- he was my roomy for a week!! We know we could have made it another 30 days out there( absent of a bear attack). But then that .460 revolver wasn't a half bad idea  of his since we had caribou meet within 100 yards, sausage grease, bacon grease, and leftover moose burritos!  Ron is a keeper- he is super smart!

I thank you to the bottom of my heart for working so hard for us and being so kind to my son Matthew- he is a treasure to us!

 Fondest memories and best to you both for a successful 2015 year!

Your Friend Tracy


August 2015

Howdy Betty and Curly,

Its Mike Ressler. I just wanted say thank you for the hospitality and the hunt. Me and Jon had a good time there. You have some good guys there.

My family enjoyed the care package Betty sent us home with….they ate it down like a pack of wolves. I liked that Indian Candy(smoked salmon bellies). Id like to learn to make it myself sometime. Great recipe.

Truly enjoyed meeting you all and hope to see you again at some point.

Take care.



July 2015

Curly & Betty:

Now that we’ve had a few days back home to recover from our vacation, I wanted to send you a note to thank you for the extraordinary week at Stoney River Lodge!  Dad and I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect!  The accommodations, your staff, the food, your location, all were absolutely fantastic.  And, we appreciate it very much!

I’d like to draw particular attention to the fact that it was evident how passionate and driven the two of you are to make sure your guests have a great experience.  I really felt that through-out the week you were both determined to ensure we were having an exceptionally good time.  And, your careful management of your well-trained and capable staff was equally impressive.  As a business owner, I found myself admiring how carefully you manage your lodge.  Of the countless positive things I witnessed over the course of the week, I think I may have been most impressed by your reaction to adversity.  It was clear to me that “good enough” is not good enough in your business!  I admire that.  Your hard work over many years has clearly brought you to the point where you can rest assured knowing your lodge will offer the experience your guests are looking for.  In fact, our week exceeded my expectations in countless ways!  Without question I will emphatically refer you to any friends, family or clients who are looking for an Alaskan adventure!

We appreciate Steve Jones for his friendly and approachable demeanor and his passion for flying.  Pat was an absolute delight and I really enjoyed her humor and care for us.  Leah is an excellent cook and I could see how well she has responded to Betty’s lessons and guidance.  It is clear that Leah is anxious to learn and grow in her position still further.  Jake is a dedicated and hardworking employee who was always in good spirits and eager to please.  Bill was anxious to lend a hand and help us with any request we had.  And, I’d like to emphasize that we felt Austin is a fine young man and a capable guide with a true passion for the outdoors.  After three days of fishing, I feel as though we got to know him well and I can tell you I feel he has a bright future!  Although he has a genuine interest in fishing with sufficient experience to share with others, even more impressive, was his eagerness to learn still more.  I’d hire him myself for my business if given the opportunity!

I would also like to thank you both for donating the trip to Safari Club International.  Safari Club International is an organization that supports issues I strongly believe in.  But also, you donating this trip gave dad and I an experience that we likely would not have been able to share if not for your donation.  As you know, I wanted to go to Alaska with him because it is something he has always wanted to do.  If not for the ability to go as a result of the auction that you donated to, I’m not sure it would have happened at all.  Because of your generosity, we truly had an experience we will remember and appreciate for the rest of our lives.  THANK YOU!

I wired my payment to you this past Tuesday.  If you have not received it yet, please let me know.  And, once again, I apologize for my misunderstanding regarding credit cards!  I am not in the habit of making people wait for their money!

 As you requested, I’ll be sending you a few more pictures of some of the fish we caught on our last day in another email.  Attached to this email is our biggest of the week; 44 inches, 19 pounds!  I couldn’t be happier that dad was the one to catch it!

Thanks, again, for everything!



August 2015

This was my 2015 Dall Sheep hunt booked with Stoney River Lodge in Alaska. Curly and Betty Warren run a first class operation West of Anchorage near a town called Sleetmute. Marc Warnke, a good friend of mine here in Boise with Outdoors International suggested this hunt and operation to me a couple of years ago.

With August 10th being the opener, we flew into our area on the 8th and legged it up the mountain around 10 miles on the ninth. With an all day pack in front of us with a guide, a packer and all of our gear on our backs, the mountain became an extreme challenge. Arriving near the top of the mountain we decided not to crest until the morning of the opener allowing us to set up our first camp on the mountain. The rain and fog soon set in and drove us to cover in our tents. Upon waking in the morning to only find rain, snow and of course more fog for the next 8 hours!

Around 4 pm that evening, we caught a break and peaked into the farthest drainage to the North that we would be hunting spotting two rams instantly across the canyon. At this point we were 700 yards out with 20-25 mph cross wind and 25% angle down. We quickly moved down some talus chutes and back onto the ridge as the sheep continued to feed. This allowed us to cut the distance to 500 yards with the same elements at hand and snow flurries on the way.

Within seconds of being ready to take the shot, the sheep began working there way on a quartering angle to us closing the distance to 300 plus yards, with the G7 correcting it to a 275 yard shot. With the largest of the two Rams standing broadside, the 7LRM broke the silence laying the monarch to rest. The ram has 14" bases, 37 1/2" & 36" curls, pushing 160 inches

 Jon Roth


April 2015


ust wanted to say Thanks again.

I had a great time. Enjoyed everyone’s company as always.

Still looking at the pictures daily and having trouble getting back into the swing of things.

I’d like to do a fishing trip sometime soon. I’ll see what I can put together.

Scott Somers


April 2015

Hi Curly, Betty and the rest of the Stoney River crew.

Thanks again for the great hospitality, even though I came away with out a Bear, the time spent at Stoney River Lodge was a great experience and hopefully we can make it happen again.

Randy J Gregory


July 2015

Curly & Betty,
Thanks again to everybody at Stoney River Lodge for making our fishing trip a great one.

Kevin, Matt and Clay Smithhart


Hi Curly

Pretty impressive year for the Master Outfitter/Guide Commercial Pilot and  Visionary Entruprener. Thanks for the plan to get a bear for me. Love it wben a plan comes together.

The Curly Joe Tom bear hide is at Taxidermist in Grants Pass Oregon.

Thinking of mounting the bear at a gallop with a space left for me on his back using a rattle snake for a quirt.

That is if there is no hurry to add the rider. Have a top trapping season on Martin Lane and keep warm by a snug fire in the honey moon home that Curly built. All the best to you and BW my pioneering friend. Tom


Planning and arriving to Stoney 2014 was of course easy, as things were well known already from last year.Coming back to Stoney to Betty and you was fantastic, and I felt myself really welcome.

Getting Bryce as my guide made me happy – I knew from last year, that he was serious and going for results.

Getting out to the hunting area quickly was great – after all that was the purpose.

After a good night’s sleep we started spotting the 9th of September in the morning. We had a cow on the south side of the hill – That’s good Bryce said - It´s bait.

Joe and Mitch came back shortly after to pick up the moose, that had already been shot out there. While they had a look at the runway with Bryce to improve the runway, I continued spotting. In the area where we saw the Cow – suddenly a good Bull came out of the woods. I made a sign to Bryce, that he should come and have a look, and we all took a look at the bull agreeing, that he was good. “Let’s go kill him” Bryce said. We packed our gear and went off. The bull had bedded down, so we knew were to go to. We crossed the river and made a silent, but quick and good hunt to the place, where the bull had bedded down. But when we came there – he was not there anymore. We discussed what to do, but then I saw the cow app. 300 yards away between some trees. We saw it go to the trees to the left, and just after came the bull. We agreed to make a move to a top of the hill to get up, where we could see the Moose, and so we did. But when we got up there – there was nothing to see. We sat down and had something to eat and drink, but still we didn´t see anything. Finally we had to accept – we lost it .Then it was time to go back to the camp – up the hill.

Next morning when spotting we saw 3 cows eating in the wet area to the north. We continued around the hill spotting from all places. When we were spotting to the south suddenly bull entered our hill top only 150 yards from us. We watched him, but he was not big enough for shooting – unfortunately. We hoped a bigger bull was chasing him – but no. After that we went back to watch the 3 cows. But now there was 4 moose down there and the new moose was a bull. We put up the spotting scope and saw a very nice bull. “Let’s go kill him” Bryce said. We took our things and went on a tough quick hunt down the hill and 4 – 5 miles out. It took us 2½ hour to get out to the area, where we had the moose. 1 cow and the bull had bedded down and two moose was still in the wet area eating. Due to the wind we had to stay on the other side of the wet area than the bull. When we were getting close to the area and ready to prepare the kill, the two cows sensed something was wrong, so they ran to the other side where the Bull and 1 cow was bedded down. The cow jumped up immediately and Bryce said to me to be ready - it´s now. The bull also got up and began following the cow. Bryce grunted and the bull stopped. “280 yards Bryce said – shoot. And I did and saw a clear reaction on the bull. “Good shot – shoot again” Bryce said. The Bull had started walking slowly and when it was free again from the trees Bryce said “ 290 yards – shoot. And I did so and again saw a clear reaction. The Bull still tried to walk, but slowly. Bryce again said good shot – shoot again 300 yards. I aimed a little higher and after that shot Bryce turned and congratulated me. After that we went to the Bull, made the photos and app. 5 hours’ work with the Bull and then almost 4 hours walk back to the camp. It was a really tough hunt, but worth every step and every drop of sweat.

Next morning we were picked up by Joe and Mitch and due to the weather we had two relaxing days in the Lodge, which gave me good opportunity to learn some of the other hunters and guide to know.

Monday the 15. September we were taken to the hunting area again to try to get a Grizzly bear. We put up our camp quickly, as the weather looked wet. Just after we finished the camp it started to rain. In the afternoon it stopped and we went out to see if we could see something. 100 yards from our camp was the river – and suddenly two Grizzlies stood up watching us. Two beautiful youngsters probably sent out on their own by their mother. Later we spotted app. 25 Caribous on the hill – among them a nice bull having a big job keeping the younger bulls away from the cows.

Next morning the weather was very foggy. It looked as if it would clear up sometimes, so we decided to go on top of the hill/mountain to be ready for spotting, when the weather got better. Unfortunately it became worse. A couple of times we thought it would clear up, but no. At app. 1,00 o´clock p.m. it started to rain and at app. 3-4 o´clock p.m. wind got heavy, so we went back to the camp and got dry clothes on.

During night and next day it rained CATS AND DOGS. very heavily, so we stayed in the tent. In the afternoon weather improved (the rain was not so heavy anymore) so we got up to spot. In the valley we saw a bear and decided to go for it. We hunted our self into app. 100 yards and Bryce wanted to take a last look at it to be sure, the bear was right. I was ready for shooting, but suddenly the bear felt, something was wrong and stood up on its back feet. It seemed like 3 M tall. As it felt something was wrong it ran away into the valley and up the hill/mountain. Let’s go kill it Bryce said – the Bear is good and we don´t have anything better to hunt right now.

We hunted in the brush as long as we could see the bear on the mountain. When it disappeared from the mountain we went up to be able to see down the valley. When we came to the end of the mountain we could see the bear down the valley. We decided to go down through the brush to an open area on the other side. When we came over there we saw the bear after app. 5 minutes – 200 yards away but bushes between us. We used the bushes to hide behind and took 25 yards, another 25 yards and again 25 yards and with 125 yards left I had a free shot. Bryce and I had talked about shooting a Grizzly so I was prepared. “Shoot when you are ready” Bryce said. The Bear stood with it´s right side to me, and I shot it through the upper muscle in the right front leg, through heart region and broke left front leg. The Bear went down and turned around itself. “Good shot – shoot again” Bryce said. I was prepared and shot when the head came around to me. The Bear was dead immediately. Less than 25 seconds after first shot was fired – the Bear was dead.

My overall my trip this year was: Fantastic hunt, Fantastic guide and wonderful person – Bryce Johnson, The Lodge – perfect.Internal flights by Joe, Mitch and you – an adventure in its self. Betty – coming home with all the gear cleaned and washed – makes it easy to convince my wife – I have to come back even though the Lodge is far away from my home.

This trip fulfilled my Alaska dreams.
Thank you all
Mogens Christensen


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